Animation Week 1

For the first assignment of the animation class, we made a short stop-motion video.

Kai, Setareh and I were a team and first, each of us made up a story:

Kai’s storyMy story, Setareh’s story

Then we discussed which one would be the best to be a stop-motion animation and Kai’s story was finally chosen. So he drew the storyboard and I prepared the props we could use for the animation as I collect Playmobil toy figures. The pictures below are the actors and actresses I chose:

We used the ITP floor as the stage. I think it was a bit trickier to take the pictures for a stop-motion in the daily living environment than in a still set. The light changed frequently, we struggled to fix the toys on some uneven planes and there were a lot of people passing by or interrupting. But at the same time, using common stuff around us for the video was effective to make the toys seem like little fairies. One Canon 5D Mark III, a tripod and a laptop with Dragon Frame were used for the filming.

After the whole filming, Setareh first edited it. She chose stitched the scenes in time order, chose background music and put some subtitles. Kai did the second. He made added some sound effects, added more shots by reversing or repeating the already used ones. Then we all reviewed the video together, refined subtitles, added some image clips and completed our animation video.



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