[Week 01] The Journey to School

1. My Journey Every day, I walk to school so it was hard to divide the journey into specific steps. Instead,  I divided it into 4 major blocks between the E 20th to the Tisch building and drew a user journey map based on that: original size: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lcXcOaqyIRLWEG6w8j3sA99s1JgPdGfi/view?usp=sharing   2. Yu’s Journey Yu is an IDM(Tandon) student […]

Week09: Neural Network

Colour predictor. Powerd by Daniel Shiffman’s Toy-Neural-Network library. Inspired by Jabril’s SEFD Science. I actually tried to deal with more interesting subjects such as a facial expression predictor, but soon realized that one of the biggest problems to do those things is collecting the training data set. So I just made a simple colour predictor system. This […]

Week08: Genetic Algorithm

Although there are different sketches using a genetic algorithm, I wanted to make an interactive one rather than the ones that only give you a fixed result or the ones that only allow users(?) watch what they are doing. Therefore, the most interesting one for me among the genetic algorithm examples was Interactive Selection. In this […]