PCOMP: Final Project Progress

Due to the much earlier ICM final presentation, software development was almost done last week and I concentrated on the hardware development this week. The goals I’ve achieved so far are like below: Implemented multiplexers so that more than 30 LEDs can be manipulated individually Developed flicking reactions of the LEDs so that they more […]

Animation Week 05

We divided the total work into three parts and each of us took on a part. ~01:22: Kai Che 01:22~02:17: Setareh Baig 02:18~ / Title / Ending credits : Yeonhee Lee On the top of that, Kai found all the assets from shutterstock.com, and I found the sound effects and background music from freesound.org and […]

ICM Final

Although the physical computing part hasn’t completed yet, the software part has been fully developed. Here are the main improvements: shooting star animation plays the music when all the candles are blown out add decorative images on the user’s picture shares the user’s picture via Twitter: head nodding/shaking motion detection is added to allow user […]

Animation Week 1

For the first assignment of the animation class, we made a short stop-motion video. Kai, Setareh and I were a team and first, each of us made up a story: Kai’s story, My story, Setareh’s story Then we discussed which one would be the best to be a stop-motion animation and Kai’s story was finally chosen. […]