ICM Final

Although the physical computing part hasn’t completed yet, the software part has been fully developed. Here are the main improvements: shooting star animation plays the music when all the candles are blown out add decorative images on the user’s picture shares the user’s picture via Twitter: head nodding/shaking motion detection is added to allow user […]

ICM Week 8

Last week’s class was about dealing with media content. I wanted to do something very artistic and unique, but after struggling for several days to come up with a cool idea, I eventually made a game. Therefore, it is nowhere near the “cool stuff”. Why I always think up funny things rather than serious and […]

ICM Week 7

This week’s assignment was particularly stressful. The concept of loading JSON data through an API was simple, though I really struggled to load a JSON file that I wanted. In most cases, it seemed because of the security issue between the servers of the API and the P5 library because the JSONs I found were […]

ICM Week 6

I don’t 100% like the theme of this blog. Especially, I don’t like the layout of each category page. I’ve always wanted to make it have a grid structure, but this theme, SoSimple, doesn’t support that. Therefore, when I first saw the goal of this week’s assignment, I immediately thought up redesigning my blog. I […]

ICM Week 5

This weeks assignment aims to design a sketch in an object-oriented manner, and I also wanted to try using images in my programme. Therefore, referring to Dan’s video I loaded a dozen of images to my sketch and show them on the canvas instead of using the primitive shapes. I firstly considered of using my plum flower […]

ICM Week 4

This week, I combined the homework from my ICM and Visual Language classes. I had to create my own colour palette and make some compositions with those colours on them for the Visual Language class. I wanted to draw a pattern, and also thought it would be great if I could easily apply various palettes […]

ICM Week3

The word ‘algorithmic design’ in the requirement of this week’s assignment reminded me of ‘Fractals’, which exhibit similar patterns at increasingly small scale, according to the Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fractal So I planned to create a fractal controllable by UI elements. I first developed the visual design part and the interface part separately and combined them later. Here is […]