ICM Week 8

Last week’s class was about dealing with media content. I wanted to do something very artistic and unique, but after struggling for several days to come up with a cool idea, I eventually made a game. Therefore, it is nowhere near the “cool stuff”. Why I always think up funny things rather than serious and […]

ICM Week 7

This week’s assignment was particularly stressful. The concept of loading JSON data through an API was simple, though I really struggled to load a JSON file that I wanted. In most cases, it seemed because of the security issue between the servers of the API and the P5 library because the JSONs I found were […]

ICM Week 6

I don’t 100% like the theme of this blog. Especially, I don’t like the layout of each category page. I’ve always wanted to make it have a grid structure, but this theme, SoSimple, doesn’t support that. Therefore, when I first saw the goal of this week’s assignment, I immediately thought up redesigning my blog. I […]

V&S Week 5

This week, our team edited the video files we filmed last week and made a rough cut. We divided the whole storyboards into three parts and each of us took charge of one part. I took on Storyboard 3, 4, half of 5 and 6. Besides the razor cut tool, the most commonly used skill in […]