PCOMP Week 3

This week’s assignment is to make an Arduino circuit which has digital input and output. Actually, I misunderstood last week’s assignment and made circuits working with switches instead of making switch itself. So this time, I created a switch type digital input/output circuit to make up for the missing one. So first, I came up […]

PCOMP Week 2

LABS: A BREADBOARD AND SERIAL/PARALLEL CIRCUITS I made some different types of serial and parallel electronic circuits on a breadboard. The first circuit’s schematic diagram is like below: It is a serial circuit that consists of a 5V battery, a 220Ω-resistor, and a light emitting diode. And this is an actual circuit implementing the diagram. […]

What is interaction?

I previously regarded the concept “interaction” as an action of giving and taking response between two humans/objects. However, after reading Chris Crawford’s definition about interactivity, I realised that my definition missed an important part: processing. In his book, Crawford insists that interactivity have to include all three steps: listening(input), thinking(processing) and speaking(output). Furthermore, the whole process should […]