[Mobile Lab] Week06: AR Kit

This week’s assignment is designing and developing a mobile AR application. I made a simple application which shows the constellation of the night sky in March when users look at the sky through their camera. The source code is like below: [ViewController.swift] import UIKit import AVFoundation import CoreMotion class ViewController: UIViewController, AVCaptureVideoDataOutputSampleBufferDelegate { // Real time […]

[DTW] Week06

This week’s assignment is about manipulating images scrapped from the web. I scrapped the image results of ‘Chris Van Allsburg’, who is my favourite illustrator, from Pinterest, made a tiled image with those scrapped jpegs and added a text title to it. Since I only wanted his illustration images, I had to delete other images […]

Week06: Midterm Project

  I developed my previous assignment for my midterm project. This time, I made particles consist more complicated form – human face – and applied the same repeller and recovering force. I downloaded the following picture from the internet, modified it to a greyscale image and used it for making the particle system. The code […]

Final project progress

Since there are so many midterm projects that I have to complete soon these days, I decided to associate my midterm project for Mashups class to this final project. The basic goal of the Mashups project is mixing two APIs and my plan for this is creating a photo map using Google Maps API and […]