03 CycleGAN

For testing the CycleGAN example, I trained the model with my face and the face of the character, Neytiri, in the film Avatar. I first scrapped Neytiri images from the Bing image search using the same image scraper I made for the last DCGAN test. I also resized and center cropped all those scraped images using dataset-utils.py […]


I trained my own models for DCGAN. I first tried with the instagram pictures of one of my favorite photographer, Hamada Hideaki. I used the Instagram scrapper made by Richard Arcega for scrapping the imags. However, after finishing this first DCGAN model training, I realized that DCGAN results are hard to be satisfying with random images. Therefore, I gave it […]

01 Style Transfer

I trained my own models following the tutorial here. The paintings that I used for the training are Yoonbok Shin(1758-?)’s <A Drink Party> and Marc Chagall(1887-1985)’s <I and the Village>. The Summary of Training Process 1. Setting up Install the paperspace API npm install -g paperspace-node Login to paperspace from your terminal paperspace login Clone the repository […]