Drawing App Top 10

I tried several drawing apps and chose the top 10 among them. Since I have a stylus for an Android tablet, the apps were all found in the Google Play Store, but most of them can also be found in the Appstore.

  1. Adobe Illustrator Draw


It Provides five brushes and strokes of those brushes are all very smooth. I think its a vector-based drawing app. There’s a bit of delay on drawing though.


2. Adobe Photoshop Sketch


Again, this another Adobe drawing app provides five brushes, but they are different from those in Adobe Draw. This is more suitable for sketching with a pencil tool and coloring on it.


3. Art Flow


It gives a lot of options in brushes and drawing tools. Although some features are only available when paid, there are already enough tools for free. You can easily draw lines or shapes in this app.


4. Autodesk Sketch Book


It provides various brushes, tools and feature, the quality is great and the UI is also good. It has Predictive Stroke function, so you can automatically refine your drawing lines to be cleaner and smoother.


5. Doodle: Kids Joy


This is a very unique drawing app. The stroke colors are neon, and they automatically change when you draw a new line. Your drawings appear symmetrically, so it’s so easy to create a cool pattern.


6. Just A Line


This is an AR sketch app. You can draw augmented lines by moving your mobile while holding your finger on the device’s screen. It’s quite fun!


7. Kids Doodle


It’s similar to Doodle: Kids Joy app, but doesn’t create a pattern. You can easily draw cool neon color doodles with this app.



8. Painter


It has diverse options for brushes you can find some interesting pattern brushes as well. It also provides handy tools such as line, shapes, and even perspective guide tools.



9. PicsArt Color Paint


It’s the only app that provides a text brush.



10. Doodle Drawing

To be honest, this isn’t that sophisticated drawing app. You can choose only one brush at a time, you can only draw in black, and there’s no other tool than the brush you chose. Moreover, I’m not sure if I’m the only one who has this issue, but there’s a bug that you cannot save your drawing. (Although there’s a button which seems like a ‘save’ button, it doesn’t react on pressing) Nevertheless, I like the feeling when I draw something on its canvas. I think it has the line refinement feature to some extent.

Followings are my drawings with my three favourite apps from the above list, which are Autodesk Sketch Book, Doodle: Kids Joy, and Doodle Drawing:


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