Final Project Idea

I am interested in collaborative web services, and have some ideas that I can associate with my final project:

  1. Poetry
      • Visitor’s can either add a word to the word list of my website or rearrange them on the site’s screen, so that they can create sort of a literary work together.

  2. Novel
      • Similar concept to the poetry. Visitors can continue the story that the prior visitors finished.

  3. Decoration
      • Every day, a different portrait image will be uploaded on my page. Visitor’s on my website can decorate it with paint tools or stickers. Each work will be saved in DB so that people can see the gallery. (However, can I save image files in Mongo DB? It may Not be possible.)

  4. Omok
      • Omok is kind of a simple go style game, in which the player who first put his/her five stones in a row wins.


My final project would be one of these.

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