ICM + PCOMP: Final Project Idea

Maria, Joohyun and I decided to make a team for the final project combining ICM and Physical computing.

We had several intensive brainstorming meetings last week and during that time, the situation kept happening that we chose an idea and changed our mind later. It was really hard to find a concept which everyone satisfied with and could find some meaning from.

And finally, we came up with an idea, ‘A History of Communication’ and we all agreed and happy with this concept.

It is basically a series of physical inputs that show different images. Each input represents an interaction of a communication era and the output image describes the feeling of the communication method.

More detail information about this idea is available here

We need to build the interaction types and the visual concept more concretely. This will be due by the middle of this week.

Here are some references related to this subject:

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