ITP Winter Show Poster Design

This week’s assignment, designing a poster for ITP Winter Show, was particularly more difficult than other homework. So far I had been more or less provided sources that I’d been able to use or apply, but the only things I could get in advance this time were a 4.25″ x 6″ blank canvas, the configuration requirement of the image file and the time and date of the show. Although there was a rough direction, humanistic view of ITP, it was a too broad concept for the people like me who aren’t experienced much to design something from the scratch. For this reason, it took more time to come up with some ideas, and I also spent quite a lot of times researching other poster designs.


Some poster design examples I found in

Followings are the initial idea sketches:

Even though a humanistic factor was needed for the poster, I wanted to describe it in an indirect manner instead of using photographs or drawings of human. As I thought the Winter Show was sort of a party for us, I decided to use that feeling to show the humanistic aspect, and finally chose a christmas tree, which reminds me ‘a winter party’, as the main character of my poster. Also, in order to add more show-like vibe and technological side, I imagined a tree made up of a circuit board standing on a spotlight stage.

First, I draw the tree in Illustrator. I laid a tree icon on the background so that I could get the circuit board into a tree shape.

For more dramatic effect, I gave a perspective view to the tree in Photoshop. It was one of the trickiest parts.

Then I tried to arrange the information about the show such as title and date in different positions and also applied various typefaces on them. For the background, I tried to fill with different colours or images.

In the end, I chose the one below as my final design of ITP Winter Show 2017:


I thought the background image of snow not only gave a feeling of winter but also looked like stars in the universe, and therefore, made more futuristic mood. I actually quite liked the one with bluish green and purple gradation background and also printed it out in colour along with the black & white poster above, though it didn’t look good on paper as much as on the screen.

The typefaces used on this final design are Phosphate and Helvetica Neue. I also tried to use only Helvetica, but thought that Phosphate looked more like a show sign and it gave a fun kick as well to the rather simple design of poster.


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