[Mashups] Week11: Final Project


  • Final Project Idea: Visualizing the Current Job Market Data in the US
  • Based on the job data scrapped from Glassdoor, it shows the number of job opportunities and the popular jobs in each state.  It also shows the number of the opportunities for the jobs that ITP students prefer
  • Scrapped Data
    • Total number of job opportunities in each state
    • Top jobs in each state and the number of job opportunities for each job
    • The number of opportunities for ‘Multimedia Designer’, ‘Software Developer’, and ‘UX Designer’
  •  Implementation
    • Python, Selenium: Scrapping data from glassdoor.com and making JSON files
    • HTML5/CSS/Javascript: Data Visualization
    • node.js: Running the server

You can find more about data scrapping from Glassdoor here.

Following images are the screen captures of the final website:

You can visit the website here.
The source code is available here.



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