[Midterm] Sentimental Bot

This bot was built based on:
Node.js, Mastodon API and Aylien, the text analysis API.

Aylien analyses a given mention and lets the bot know:

  1. The polarity of the mention: positive, negative or neutral
  2. How much confidence it has on the result (from 0 to 1)

There are 5 emotions that this Sentimental bot can have: Very happy, Happy, Neither happy nor sad, Sad, Very sad
Each emotion is matched according to the Aylien’s analysis result like below:

Very Happy:Positive & (Confidence > 0.97)
Happy: Positive & (Confidence <= 0.97)
Neither Happy nor Sad: Neutral
Sad: Negative & (Confidence <= 0.97)
Very Sad: Negative & (Confidence > 0.97)

This bot is currently running 24/7 and you can try it yourself  @emobot@botsin.space

* That being said, since I am a trial user, there’s a daily limit of request numbers that the bot can make to Aylien, which is 1000times/day. Frankly speaking, I haven’t handled the exception of that case 😀  



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