[Mobile Lab] Week 03: Behavior Design

I am very interested in cruelty-free cosmetics and trying to buy only from non-animal testing brands when I shop beauty products. So, I designed an application that can encourage people to purchase cruelty-free cosmetics.

First of all, I conducted a simple interview to find out the needs of the people who currently do not participate in cruelty-free shopping, and also the demands of the users who already participate in.

Some important facts that I found from the interview were like below:

  • The main reasons that prevent people from actively participating in anti-animal testing are:
    • The pain of researching
    • Concerns about safety (Misunderstanding, Lack of knowledge)
    • Did not even know that cosmetic products could be cruelty
  • The facts that discourage people to keep participating in anti-animal testing are:
    • The pain of researching
    • New products that look good from the brands who conduct animal testing


The image below is a mindmap that describes possible motivations for participating in cruelty-free shopping and for using my App.

Here, I selected some elements that I want to engage to my App:

  • Easy Search
  • Sharing + Educating
  • Enhancing user’s sympathy and empathy + Reward symbols

And this is the wireframe results:

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