[Mobile Lab] Week09: Final Project Idea

The mobile app idea for my final project is ‘Photo Memo’
In daily lives, we take a lot of pictures of not only ourselves, pets or views, but also information in our daily lives. For example, I often take a picture of an address that I have to send my check later, a board on which important things are written in classrooms, or the passcode of my school locker.
This is a really handy way to keep the information that I have to remember, however, the problem of this is, it will be really hard to find them from my photo gallery after a while. On top of that, the information pictures that I took a long time ago are usually has no use anymore, so they’re just eating up the precious memory spaces of my mobile phone. But I can’t help keeping them because it is hard to find them and they are all scattered in my photo gallery.
Although I can create a folder in my gallery and manage those pictures separately, it is a very tedious job. Especially in iPhone’s camera roll, you have no idea that which pictures you’ve already moved into the separate folder and which ones you haven’t, so it could be even more stressful.

For this reason, I came up with an idea of Photo Memo (I don’t like the name of it, but it’s just temporary…)
It’s a camera app for the purpose of taking information pictures.

The differences between a normal camera app and this app are:
First, you can tag or write a caption right after taking a picture.
Second, it automatically classifies pictures by their tags and creates folders. You can also search for their tags or text in their captions in a search field.

Following images are initial designs of this app:

The concept sounds simple, but there are several things that I have to consider in both UX perspective and programming perspective.
This app has to have its own gallery and need to save resources like pictures, text memos and voice recordings.
I don’t know how to do all of these things.

UX-wise, it could be a too big project for me if I add all the features I described in the above flow, I will probably need to adjust the balance between the usability and the efforts that I can make in short time.

I tried to find an app which is similar to this on the Appstore, and found the followings:

None of them have their own photo library in them and you still have to find the pictures in the native photo library app, though I’ll still be able to refer their features and interactions.

I think another good reference source for the UI of this app is Pinterest. Although it’s not a camera app, it has a ‘Board’ system which is similar to ‘Tag’ or ‘Folder’. The interface for saving an image to a user’s board, or their image library is worth to benchmark:

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