Personal Color Palette

There are innumerable colours in the world and it isn’t easy at all to find the ones that describe me among them. My favourite colour’s always been white, but haven’t ever thought what combination or palette of colours I usually enjoy.

I’m quite an old Instagram user who has used it since 2012. There weren’t many friends on Instagram at that time, so unlike other social media, I used it as an art and design inspirational channel following photographers that I prefer. Moreover, I’ve only uploaded the pictures which can obviously show my taste. For these reasons, I thought that my own colour palette could be found from the pictures on my Instagram.

Reviewing my old feeds on the application, I found an interesting fact. The colour preference in my photos has been changed over the years. It used to be yellowish, then became very vivid with strong contrast, and finally, is bright with lots of negative space. The Instagramers that I follow also have a similar feeling of colours in their pictures. I may have affected by them.

Therefore, I chose relatively recent pictures among them and made some colour palettes of me.

I also made more palettes inspired by my lovely cats, Bori and Miozio! They are the best in my life so deserve to represent myself 🙂 I have a separate Instagram account for my cats, and used pictures there to extract the colours from Miozio, but I didn’t refer any photos when I composed the colours of Bori who died last year. Instead, I applied the colours of her that I remember.

Because the colours are all related to me, I wanted to have the compositions for them concern with me as well. Moreover, I would have loved to make a pattern for one of those compositions as I was deeply impressed by “100 Patterns” ( Finally, I decided to create a plum flower pattern based on the fact that the meaning of my surname is a plum. On top of that, I made up my mind to generate the pattern using p5js associating with my ICM assignment this week.

To make the pattern, I referred to some Korean temple door designs and traditional door frames I like:

And these are the rough sketches:

The final sketch for the implementation is like below:

I designed it using primitive shapes such as an ellipse and line. I especially drew the inner petals of the flower and the leaf overlapping more than two ellipses.

Following is the final pattern. You can change the dimension and apply different colour palettes:

The palettes here are all from my pictures above. The darkest one is also from them but I intentionally collected and emphasised dark tones to show the dark side of me! 😛

You can see all the technical history regarding this pattern here: ICM Week 4

Besides it, I created 5 more simple compositions and added two more palettes. The colours of them are, this time, from my favourite photographer’s works.

The second composition below also indicates the meaning of my last name, plum, but the fruit, not the flower:

I designed all compositions based on my name, but I paid attention to the letters’s shapes for the other three compositions. For example, the left below is my name in Korean letter and the ideas of the composition using the consonants initial, and the right is the final sketch:

Following is the English version:

My name can be written in Chinese as well, so this is the chinese version. There are only two characters though I worked on separately as the shapes are very complicated:

And the completed works are like below:

Overall, it was a great time of a self-reflection as well as having an experience of combining two different fields. I was able to learn how to get a synergy from both of them. Hope to have another chance to try this sort of job later.

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