Soundwalk Review

I have listened several soundwalk audios such as Her Long Black Hair, Passing Stranger, Soundwalk 9:09, and Chinatown. All works were fantastic and inspiring though if I have to choose my favourite, I would pick Her Long Black Hair and Passing Stranger.

‘Her Long Black Hair’ was very emotional soundwalk. It made me felt as if I was walking with the narrator in the central park – even though I was listening to this in my apartment! – and shared the woman’s memory. It helps people to see the current place and time they exist in a totally different point of view.

While ‘Passing Stranger’ was more practical. Especially for this soundwalk, I went to the exact spot and followed the road the narrator indicated. It is like an audio city guide with a particular subject, poet. There are tons of audio guides for city or museum tourings, which are most in cases very boring, but I haven’t ever listened to the one like ‘Passing Stranger’ that is so lively, interesting and informative at the same time. I also think it would be great to have soundwalk style audio guides for museums and galleries, which give us an experience like looking around famous museums with a close friend who knows a lot of interesting stories and ideas about the art pieces.

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