V&S Week 2


For the first assignment of recording sound that can be found in the Tisch building, my team member, Caleb, and I chose the kitchen for the recording place. We picked up this place as it has variable noises including the sound of water from the tap, boiling water, clinking teaspoons, or chatting people, etc.

Although we struggled a bit to turn on the recorder at the beginning — it took for ages to boot! —, successfully finished 5-minute recording. Following is the result:

Next assignment was editing our sound to make a soundwalk. To be honest, we both didn’t know that we were going to produce a soundwalk when we first recorded in the kitchen. In other words, the original audio source wasn’t suitable to create a sound like Her Long Black Hair or Chinatown that we had listened to before.

Most of the sounds in the file were related to water. So we decided to make an unusual soundwalk that can give listeners an experience like walking in the water.

In Adobe Audition, we first collected watery sound parts. Then, we added the effects such as echo, delay, stretch, deEsser and also modified frequencies in the equaliser to make them more like underwater sounds. In addition, we found some bubbling water sounds from freesound.com and mixed them with ours to give more dramatic and realistic effect.  Finally, we turned down the volume of too loud parts.


That’s it. You can listen to our final audio work below. Enjoy!



  • http://freesound.org/people/InspectorJ/sounds/398808/
  • http://freesound.org/people/MattJ99/sounds/66787/

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