V&S Week 3


I chose an instructable video as my filming project. I am in a team with Caleb again but this time, Jim joins us.

We shared several ideas for the filming subject: origami, a solution for life difficulties, flower bouquet, life-hacks, etc.  Meanwhile, I came up with an idea of an instructional video of making a box using a laser cutter. I thought it would be good and practical as we can give a useful information to some of ITP students as well as learn a bit of fabrication. Moreover, I found a brilliant website, http://www.makercase.com/, which generates the desired box plan for laser cutters. Fortunately, other members agreed with me, and Jim who has more advanced knowledge about using the machine suggested the outline of our storyboard:

  1. Sketch box on paper
  2. Design in illustrator & http://www.makercase.com/
  3. Laser cut acrylic
  4. Assemble with acrylic cement

Based on this, we drew our storyboard in more detail like below. There are 8 scenes in total:

We also discussed about some shooting or editing techniques in advance. As the total running time of the video has to be shorter than 5 minutes, we may need to fast forward some parts of the video. Also, the scenes such as sketching and laser cutting would be good to be shot above. In this case, we need sort of a camera mounting device. It would also be great if we can use a turning table to show the completed box in 360˚ angle. We hope to learn all of these in the next class.

The biggest worry is, of course, the safety issue. Caleb asked the shop staff if we are allowed to shoot a film in the shop, especially the laser cutter, and fortunately got a positive answer. I look forward to filming it next week!

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