V&S Week 4

This week, we filmed our instructable video, the storyboard of which was introduced in the last Video and Sound posting. The shooting took two days, and since last week, we’ve added one more scene showing the usage example of our acrylic box to our storyboard.

The devices that we used were two cameras of Canon 5D Mark 3 with a 50mm lens and a zoom lens — I forgot its range—, a Zoom recorder, a shotgun mic., tripods, camera mounting arm and lights. Although we were all scared about dealing with these unfamiliar tools at first, The more we used, the more we got used to.

First two scenes, sketching and making a box plan, were the easiest ones. We started from these. We also recorded the screen of the laptop for storyboard 2, so that can show the manipulation more clearly.

I am really camera-shy and hate watching my face in a photo or on TV, though sometimes I had to be recorded to explain something. It was the hardest part.

There was also a shooting in public space. We went to Canal Plastic and after getting permission for shooting at the store we filmed storyboard 4, the purchasing scene.

The part that took the longest to record was, of course, the laser cutting scene. We not only had to wait for our booking for the machine but also spent almost one and half hour for cutting itself. There was also a tricky problem. whenever I try to zoom in on something, the recorded scene got too dark and I wasn’t able to make it brighter even with adjusting all those apertures, white balance and the shutter speed. We couldn’t help but to raise up the ISO in this sort of situation.

Assembling box scene, completed product scene and the usage example scene were filmed on the second day.

We used camera arm to fix the camera on the table so that it could more closely film the assembling scene.

Especially for the completed box, we took films in the studio to get a clearer background. It would have been better if we had used more lights and got rid of all the shadow of the box.

At the end, we got almost 70GB of video files. It seems that the editing job would be much tougher than filming…

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