V&S Week 5

This week, our team edited the video files we filmed last week and made a rough cut. We divided the whole storyboards into three parts and each of us took charge of one part. I took on Storyboard 3, 4, half of 5 and 6.

Besides the razor cut tool, the most commonly used skill in Premiere was speeding up rate. Warp stabilization was also used from time to time as we recorded some scenes without a tripod. We also added subtitles and to keep a consistent style throughout the video, Jim made a text template in Photoshop and we all imported the file into our Premiere projects.

For some scenes, we also used free sound effects. In my case, I applied a sound effect on the Storyboard 4: putting on safety glasses, and the source is here: http://freesound.org/people/InspectorJ/sounds/339817/

After we finished the first edit, we gathered to record narration for our videos. Caleb did the presenter.

Although we mostly worked on our part separately except two meetings, communicated without any problem using Google drive and email.

I took a role in stitching all our videos into one video and uploading it to Youtube. Watching the full version of our rough cut, we realised that some narration and scenes are still needed for the final video. It will be done in next week.

And following is the result of this week!

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