V&S Week 6: Final Project

This is the last week for our final project and the Video & Sound class and this time, Our works were all about refining our rough cut for a better quality result.

We took more videos to insert another scene between Storyboard 3 and 4 for a smoother transition and also recorded additional narration. Talking about the voice recording, although we did the second recording in a very similar environment — we booked room 50 last time for this project, and also booked the same room again — with the same devices — a Zoom recorder and a shotgun mic. — and exactly same presenter, the voices recorded last time and this time sounded differently. The second one sounds clearer compared to the first one. We couldn’t figure out what caused this difference.

Besides those, we reduced the height of our subtitle box not to hide the scenes too much, found some songs for the background music. We trimmed unnecessarily long scenes as well and tried to reduce the total running time, but failed to reduce it to end in 5 minutes. Lastly, we added a credit mentioning not only our names but also the sound effects and music sources and special thanks to Canal Plastic which allowed us to film in their shop!

At last, here is the result of our final video project:

By filming a video by our selves, I realized that its such a hard job to make a wonderful broadcast or a film. I, now, got to admire the people who are engaged in this field. Although I felt again that I’m not a person who is active enough to do this kind of job through this project, it was overall great and enjoyable experience. Most of all, I am happy to get to know how to edit sound and video files!



Sound Effects from freesound.org/

Music Tracks from freemusicarchive.org/
* Emo Step Show by The Custodian of Records
* New Age (Instrumental) by Minden
* Study in Feedback by Punk Rock Opera


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