[Week 03] Active Reaction – 1

This week’s deliveries:
1. A refined HMW statement
2. Your team’s research plan
3. Some Bullshit personas
4. Some desk research on your problem space
5. A discussion guide
6. Some interview results


[Active Reaction Team’s HMW]

How might we provide sustainable alternative transportation for L-train riders?

[Research Plan]

Week 1 (9/24 – 9/27)

  • Define the detail HMW statement
  • Bulshit personas
  • Desk Research
  • Discussion Guide
  • Interviews (E-scooter users, Shared car service users)
  • Recruiting other interviewees (Professionals)

Week 2 (9/29 – 10/4)

  • Interviews
  • Desk Research (City data, AppStore reviews)
  • User Journey
  • Affinity Mapping
  • Ideation

Week 3 (10/6 – 10/11)

  • Prototyping
  • User Testing & Prototype Improvements


[Bullshit Personas] – by Yeonhee Lee
[Desk Research] – by Namsoo Vincent Kim
The current transportation situations in NYC, and the city’s plan for the L train closure

[Discussion Guide & Interviews] – by Jingyi Wen, Yeonhee Lee
for shared car users
for share bike users
for e-scooter users
for professionals in urban planning, alternative transportation
for a shared car company workers


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