[Week 04] Active Reaction – 2

This week’s deliveries:

  1. Select an idea that your team likes the most
  2.  Figure out an MVP to prototype
  3. Come up with a research plan
  4. Make the prototype
  5. Test it!


[Selected Idea]
“We provide a shared shuttle service for regular commuters in the City via currently existing shared bus service, Chariot, assuming that we are the workers at the company”


[User Research] – via Chariot Customer Reviews from Appstore


[Service User Flow & Rough Wireframes]

You can see the original image by clicking this image

We haven’t tested on our prototype this week, but we’re gonna do it by the end of this week.

Lastly, the following is our team plan for the next week:

  • User testing (due: SUN, 10/7)
    • Explain about the background(the L train closure), the current Chariot service and our new service to your testers showing the user flow and the wireframe.
    • Get their feedbacks and note them on Google docs in our team drive individually. I’ve created ‘User Testing’ folder, so please create your feedback doc file in here with your name as its file name.
    • Ask as many people who live in NY as possible, however, it’d be even better if you find somebody who has used, or has been using Chariot in NY and asks them about the new service.


  • Ideation for improving the prototype (due: SUN, 10/7)
    • Check other’s user testing feedback docs from time to time until our first meeting on Sunday night.
    • Come up with some ideas that can improve our service or the app
    • Also, note your idea in your google doc file.


  • Ideation for the advertising (due: SUN, 10/7)
    • Think about the way that we can effectively promote our new service
    • The new service includes other parts of NY than the L train neighborhood, though our main target users of this advertising are the L train users.


    • 9:00 PM, @Slack
    • Agenda
  1. Discuss the improvement ideas and decide how we are gonna improve the service or the app
  2. Discuss the advertisement ideas and decide what idea we are gonna prototype.
  3. Task Division: To make the app prototype in more detail(1 person) / To make an advertisement prototype (2-3 people)


  • App Prototype Development (due: TUE, 10/9)
    • One person takes in charge of this task.
    • Design the app based on the current wireframe reflecting the improvements we decided to include on Sunday’s meeting
    • If the design for the improvements aren’t clear, make a wireframe ver2, and we review it on Mon on Slack before doing further detail design


  • Advertisement Prototype (due: TUE, 10/9)
    • 2-3 people work on it. Each will come up with different designs
    • 9:00 PM (not fixed), @Slack
    • Agenda
  1. Review for the app and advertisement prototype (due: TUE, 10/9)
  2. Discuss if there is anything we can improve in each prototype and if so, decide how we are gonna change them.
  3. Task Division: To refine the app prototype / User testing for the advertisement prototype


  • App Prototype Refinement (due: THU, 10/11)


  • Advertisement Prototype Improvement & User Testing (due: THU, 10/11)


    • after 6:00 PM (not fixed), on the floor
    • Agenda
  1. The final review for the app prototype
  2. Review feedbacks of the advertisement prototype and decide how we are gonna refine it.
  3. Discuss how we are gonna present
  4. Task Division: To refine the app prototype / To refine the advertisement prototype / To make the presentation file

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