[Week 02] Interview & HMW

I targeted people who take L train every day for a commute and sent a group email to ITP students to recruit some people.

One student whose name is Yuan Hao replied and I interviewed him

  • Interviewee
    • Name:  Hau Yuan
    • Occupation: ITP Student
    • Currently lives on Dekalb Ave.
    • Takes the L train almost every day to come to school
  • How did he learn about the L train closure?
    • One of his friends told him -> Searched -> also searched for other commuting methods.
    • He hasn’t found any notification in the train station or an official announcement
  • How the L train closure affects on him?
    • He’s moving out mainly because of the L train closure + rent increase
    • If the L train closes the commute time will be twice longer than now (25 – 30min. -> 40 – 50min)
    • He might not stay even if the rent is same (He think the current rent is a bit overpriced and doesn’t want to spend a lot of time to commute.)
    • He might stay if his landlady decreased the rent. coz he likes the room and the discount will compensate the longer commute time.
    • Considering the following three facts, he decided to move out after 7 months since he moved into his current apt this September, and made a short contract.
      • The L train is closing (knew about it when he made the contract)
      • The rent is increasing
      • ITP is moving to Brooklyn
  • Other foundings
    • Some landlords who own properties around L train are still increasing their rent for the places around L train line!!

The following picture shows some How Might We… thoughts that I found from the interview with Yuan:



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