Week10: Final Project Idea

Although I haven’t decided which project I’m gonna work on, I have several ideas for my final of the Nature of Code class.
Since the AI algorithms such as genetic algorithm and neural network system that I recently learnt in this class are so intriguing, all the ideas are inspired by them.
Followings are the details of the ideas, and they are in order of what I want to do.

IDEA 1: Portrait Drawer
Inspired by the Genetic Programming Evolution of Mona Lisa, I came up with an idea of a program that draws a user’s portrait sketch.
It first captures an image of the user using a webcam and draws random lines until the whole sketch looks similar to the user’s image based on genetic algorithm.
The end result would look like the image below (of course, it can’t be that perfect though):

To get clearer portrait image, I could use Kinect and get rid of the background.
The biggest concern about this project is how long it will take to get a reasonable result.

IDEA2: Hand Writing Recogniser
This is a machine learning program that learns handwriting letters.
Like the Doodle Classifier example, users can teach their handwritings to this machine by writing letters using a mouse.
However, it is difficult to get enough handwriting dataset for training, I’m not sure how well it will be able to recognize the letters.

IDEA3: Game Learner
My last idea for the final project is a game learning program like the Flappy Bird example.
I thought of the billiards game(it is probably too ambitious idea though) or a simple shooting game.

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