V&S Week 5

This week, our team edited the video files we filmed last week and made a rough cut. We divided the whole storyboards into three parts and each of us took charge of one part. I took on Storyboard 3, 4, half of 5 and 6. Besides the razor cut tool, the most commonly used skill in […]

V&S Week 4

This week, we filmed our instructable video, the storyboard of which was introduced in the last Video and Sound posting. The shooting took two days, and since last week, we’ve added one more scene showing the usage example of our acrylic box to our storyboard. The devices that we used were two cameras of Canon […]

V&S Week 3

INSTRUCTABLE VIDEO: STORYBOARD I chose an instructable video as my filming project. I am in a team with Caleb again but this time, Jim joins us. We shared several ideas for the filming subject: origami, a solution for life difficulties, flower bouquet, life-hacks, etc.  Meanwhile, I came up with an idea of an instructional video of […]

V&S Week 2

SOUNDWALK PROJECT For the first assignment of recording sound that can be found in the Tisch building, my team member, Caleb, and I chose the kitchen for the recording place. We picked up this place as it has variable noises including the sound of water from the tap, boiling water, clinking teaspoons, or chatting people, […]